The defamation and libel domain has attained a rather central position within the general civil law domain in general, and the damages & tort law specifically. In this sense, the development & proliferation of the Internet, as well as significant recent changes within the communications & media domain, pose significant challenges related to the overall balance defining the right to a good reputation on one hand vs. maintaining the right of free speech on the other.

Hundreds of rulings and judgments given by the Courts over recent years have created considerable judicial legislation in this domain and generated tangible content into the Defamation and Liable Law of 1965, which was enacted some 50 years ago. All of the above considerations required the writing of an up-to-date publication that will be clear and concise, and will appeal to lawyers, as well as the general public.

In response to the above, Attorney Shlomi Weinberg authored the book “Guidelines to Defamation and Libel Claims”, published in an elegant hard cover edition. The book, arranged for easy orientation and written in a fluent and clear language, offers explanations and recommendations how to properly address defamation and libel claims and lawsuits – from the perspective of the plaintiff (injured party) and the defendant (the offender). The book highlights applicable and valuable pointers regarding the management of defamation and libel cases, and as such is a “Must Have” item for every lawyer who either deals with, or litigates such cases, or is planning on entering the defamation and libel domain. This book is also a valuable reference asset to anyone interested in this domain who is not a lawyer.

The book was published as a first edition on March 2015, by the “Otzar Hamishpat” publishing house and has since been referred to in various defamation and libel related decisions and verdicts at the Magistrates and District Courts.

Due to great demand for the book a second edition is scheduled to be published shortly and will include supplemental information and updates.

Adv. Shlomi Weinberg is the founder of the Shlomi Weinberg law firm and the chairman of the Israeli Bar Association Defamation and Libel Committee. Adv. Weinberg has represented hundreds of clients on both sides of the legal procedure (plaintiffs and defendants) in various defamation and libel cases, and has contributed to the writing and publication of groundbreaking studies. These studies focused on the compensations and remedies for defamation and libel cases. In addition to his legal consultation and litigation, Adv. Weinberg also publishes columns and is interviewed in the media on legal issues relating to his practice. He also lectures to various professional and legal forums and to lawyers regarding defamation and libel.

Orders for the book “Guidelines to Defamation & Libel Claims” (published in Hebrew only) can be directed to the “Otzar Hamishpat” publication house via phone or at their website: