There is no doubt that Labor and Employment Law is one of the most dynamic domains in the Judicial System – particularly in view of the sheer number of groundbreaking precedents generated – a result of the unique circumstances surrounding almost every Labor and Employment Law case.

As such, when choosing a Labor and Employment Law legal counsel, it is very important to make sure that the legal counsel is completely up-to-date on the most recent verdicts and rulings of this unique and separate Court. It is also important that the counsel frequently litigates cases at the Labor and Employment Courts, which are judicial tribunals for all purposes. Over the years our firm has represented various parties in a wide variety of Labor and Employment cases.

Among the firm’s areas of activity are: representation of employers and employees at private sector Labor and Employment trials, including cases involving pregnant female employees, post-natal and women who are undergoing IVF procedures, lawsuits involving disabled discrimination at work, and social rights claims via mandatory laws and. Additionally, our firm provides consultation for employers and employees regarding conducting proper hearing procedures, disciplinary hearings, and in lawsuits for breach of employment contracts, confidentiality clauses, commercial tort and requests for temporary injunctions at the Labor and Employment Court.

It is very important to conduct a preliminary evaluation of the chances of winning the case, with full disclosure and participation of the client.  The purpose of the preliminary evaluation is to understand in advance if the legal procedure should be conducted to the end or if a settlement should be sought, one that will not have undue consequences and undermine the professional or social status of the employee, or alternatively will not harm the good name of the employer, all per specific case and client being represented.