“Israel’s top notch lawyers dropped by for a visit” – Today held the Globes & Dun’s 100 Israel leading law firms forum, segmented by specialty

28 top members participated at the forum, directed by Sigal Maor & Globes’ Chief Editor, Hagay Golan.

The forum dealt with the main subjects of the day within the legal arena, such as: the role of the Israeli Minister of Justice and her relationship with the judicial system, the insolvency process reform, the nomination process of Brigadier General Gal Hirsch to Police Inspector General, political pressures influencing the nomination of regulators, the internship of lawyers in Israel and additional issues.

Among the participants were: Ms. Sigel Major, Adv. Oren Mender, Adv., Daphna Zinger, Adv. Miki Barnea, Adv. Tal Danon Shenhav, Adv. Alon Ron, Adv. Ofer Shapira, Adv. Noa Mei-Dan, Adv. Eyal Shenhav, Adv. Arnon Segev, Adv. Shay Elihav, Adv. Shira Shein, Adv. Amy Bechor, Adv. Gil Raveh, Adv. Ziv Price, Adv. Shiri Malka, Adv. Ruth Dayan, Adv. Ronen Adini, Adv. Ophir Tzabari, Adv. Shlomi Weinberg, Adv. Shmuel Shuv, Adv. Tzvi Shuv, Adv. Dror Gal, Adv. Guy Gissin, Adv. Yair Leibowitz, Justice Prof. Dan Bein (retired), Adv. Meir Porges.


“Skeletons in the closet surface In the USA & Europe prior to nomination”

The botched nomination process of Brigadier General Gal Hirsch to Police Inspector General has generated criticism among the members of the Globes & Dun’s 100 panel: “There is a feeling the government is afflicted with “spin weaving”. Lack of governance & policy”.

“Where were the gatekeepers?” Some of the panel members noted that the public scandals in Israel surrounding the nomination of public officials were blown out of proportion and are essentially a “witch hunt”. Adv. Shlomi Weinberg from the Weinberg Legal Firm states that the Gal Hirsch case can be attributed to over extending the legal boundaries in Israel. “For me this is a less than welcomed phenomenon, disregarding the fact that we are lawyers”. Adv. Weinberg responded to an article published in Globes discussing the public outcry occurring at the nomination process of each new public official in Israel. “On this subject I concur with Adv. Ely Zohar’s statement (one of the other interviewees to this article). We need to address this issue openly and state that we just like to “stone” each new candidate. It is my opinion that we as the Israeli society in general, need to consider if this public stoning treatment is what every public office candidate requires”.

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