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ליטיגציה מסחרית - אזרחית
The field of Commercial-Civil Litigation (the Court where Commercial and civil cases are heard) is one of the main functions of our firm. Over the years, Attorney Weinberg has appeared before the Courts nationwide while representing a wide variety of clients and cases.

Such cases include, inter alia, appearing in Municipal Courts, Magistrates, District Courts, District Courts serving as Municipality Courts, the Supreme Court – as an Appellate Court and as the High Court of Justice, Labor Courts, Disciplinary Committees, Appellate Committees and various other legal proceedings.

Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in diverse monetary claims, damages suits as well as partners, shareholders and directors in business suits, both as plaintiffs and defendants. Additionally, the Shlomi Weinberg Firm represents various professionals in contract infringement lawsuits related to fees for services rendered. We also represent the clients, both plaintiffs and defendants.

Our firm also represents plaintiffs and defendants in business arbitration proceedings, meeting with arbitrators and in confirming or rejecting arbitration rulings in the various Courts.

In our opinion, the field of commercial-civil litigation is one of the most challenging ones within the Legal System. It is only befitting that litigation is referred to as the “Queen of Trial”. The domain of commercial-civil litigation brings together diverse legal disciplines and results in fascinating topics of discussion. Managing a legal case in this domain usually requires thorough mapping and analysis of all the evidence in the case and, no less important, preparation of a counter side dossier, witnesses as well as relevant rulings given by the Judge or panel of Judges presiding in this case.

In-depth knowledge of these elements may significantly increase the chance of ending the legal proceedings to the full satisfaction of the client. As such the professional preparation of the legal counsel, while placing emphasis on the character and timing of the legal and factual arguments, should lead to the sole objective – ending the case with the client having the upper hand, either by verdict or settlement, whichever is appropriate for the case.


Adv. Shlomi Weinberg

Lawyer Shlomi Weinberg, the firm's founder, holds a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B) alongside an extended division in management from Tel Aviv University and a master's degree in law (LL.M) - also from Tel Aviv University (2009). Certified as a full member of the Bar Association (2004).

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