Shlomi Weinberg Law Office

Leading in Israel in the field of defamation and commercial litigation


Our firm has represented and is representing in hundreds of defamation cases in various and diverse fields. Some of the cases in which attorney Weinberg represented were even extensively discussed in both the written and filmed media.

One of the main areas of practice on which the firm's activities are based. Over the years, Adv. Weinberg has appeared in various courts around the country and represented a wide range of clients in various cases.

Privacy protection

Our office deals only with the civil channel of the Privacy Protection Law. Our firm represents plaintiffs and defendants alike in privacy protection claims. Violation of the Privacy Protection Act has both criminal and civil aspects.

Deals with representing plaintiffs and defendants in various contractual claims in the field of real estate, including claims for breach of sale agreements or lease agreements, claims for enforcement of purchase / sale agreements of real estate and more ...

Employment Law

Our firm represents employers and employees alike in private labor law, in a wide variety of cases, including: claims by pregnant women, claims for the exercise of the rights of the disabled at work and more ...

Class actions

Our firm accompanies the representing plaintiff and the group of victims at all stages of the legal proceedings in favor of the success of the lawsuit and obtaining the required compensation from the giant entities facing them.

About us

Shlomi Weinberg Law Office - Defamation, Litigation, Labor and Employment Law, Real Estate, Tort

The practice areas of Shlomi Weinberg Law Firm include defamation and protection of privacy, corporate and commercial litigation, real estate litigation, damages (torts) and employment law.

As the founder of Shlomi Weinberg Law Firm, Attorney Shlomi Weinberg holds an LL.B as and an LL.M, both from the Tel Aviv University. He has been a member of the Israeli Bar Association since 2004.

Mr. Weinberg appeared before most legal Courts and Judicial Tribunals in Israel and has represented his clients in hundreds of commercial, civil and administrative cases. As part of his professional services, Attorney Weinberg has conducted numerous legal procedures in the civil and commercial domains, including various interim processes such as depositions in stay of proceedings, foreclosures, and temporary injunctions.

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