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מקרקעין ונדל"ן

מקרקעין ונדל”ן

The real estate domain was, and still is, one of the most significant domains in the Legal and Judicial System, yet it is also full of disputes and legal conflicts. The main reason for this situation is that in addition to the “big money” common to this domain, there are also complex and weighty considerations regarding the interpretation of clauses in the real estate contacts – rental leases or property sales contracts. Additionally, complex questions arise as to the behavior and conduct of the parties in a negotiation process towards entering into agreements and denial of written and signed contracts, for various reasons.

On other occasions, disagreements occur regarding the existence or breach of realty contracts. Specifically as to the amount, dates and methods of various payments within a contract, or in regards to issues dealing with the existence (or breach) of other conditions, as they may be stipulated in these agreements. These issues are regularly submitted to the Courts pending their decisions and verdicts.

Cases that deal with possession and use are submitted to the Magistrates Courts, while cases dealing with the ownership of land and real estate are submitted to the District Courts. Financial suits in the real estate domain are generally submitted to the appropriate Court, depending on the value of requested remedies. If the requested remedy is up to NIS 2.5 million, the suit is submitted to the District Court.

Our firm has been representing plaintiffs and defendants in various contractual legal proceedings in the real estate domain, including lawsuits dealing with breaches of sales or rental agreements, in lawsuits to enforce purchase / sales / rental agreements and partnership dissolving. Furthermore our firm represents contractors and entrepreneurs in various contractual legal proceedings, including suits presented by entrepreneurs against contractors and vice versa. We also represent plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits submitted by various professionals (architects, designers, realtors) regarding their fees. Our firm represents eviction notices and evictions, usage fees and ownership establishment proceedings, as well as plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits concerning faults resulting from poor construction workmanship. We provide rental contract consultation for commercial or private property rentals.


Adv. Shlomi Weinberg

Lawyer Shlomi Weinberg, the firm's founder, holds a bachelor's degree in law (LL.B) alongside an extended division in management from Tel Aviv University and a master's degree in law (LL.M) - also from Tel Aviv University (2009). Certified as a full member of the Bar Association (2004).

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